[#21TINTED – Day 11] Lean!

I met Jacob a while back

It was a chance meeting on the underground

I was going one way, he was going the other

We made eye contact, but kept walking

I turned back only to discover he had stopped in his tracks

He gestured to me

I gestured back

So he headed over

We spoke

Exchanged numbers

Met up

…and fucked!

He’s been my go to ever since

Whenever I need a piece…Jacob!

I don’t want to be with him

There are too many things that scream ‘NO’!

But he can fuck

Like 3 times a night fuck

Weak in the knees fuck

Duracell bunny fuck

Fuck, fuck!

Our conversation was very limited

There was no real need for talk

I’d often be the one to hit him up

If he was around, I’d head over

We’d smoke a bit of weed, drink some alcohol then get to it

It was that straight forward

No expectation


The only expectation was, to do me right!

I texted Jacob

He responded more or less straight away

I swear we had some kind of; I-need-sex-telepathy going on

He always responded quickly!

Within 10 minutes it was decided

I was off to get dealt with

When I got there, Jacob was in some lounge pants and a vest

He looked chilled

Stoned and chilled

The haze from the weed was apparent as soon as he opened the door

It was strong!

I went inside and sat down

He instantly passed me the ashtray with a spliff already burning

I picked it up and inhaled

A deep inhale

The smoke filled my lungs

On the exhale, I could feel the lean working its way to my brain

This was some good shit I thought.

He asked me if I wanted a drink

I asked for water

He asked again, this time he asked if I wanted a drink drink!

He fixed me a rum on the rocks

I sipped it

It was smooth!

The buzz from the rum together with the weed had me twisted

Twisted and horny

After all I was there for some, the alcohol and drugs combo just heightened that feel

I was confident

I moved over to Jacob and rubbed my hand across his cock

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closed

He shoved his tongue down my throat and started to tangle with mine…

I definitely didn’t fight it!

 Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved