[#21TINTED – Day 9] In private!

The private area was all black

Black couches

Black walls

Black flooring


The gentle spotlights on the floor lit the space just enough to see

Private rooms were located all around

He opened the door to one and in we went

The black theme continued in the private room but there was more lighting

It wasn’t overly bright…

It was just right!

He pushed me against the sloped leather chair slightly

I sat

As my body went back, I felt the shape of the chair

It was designed to accommodate all sorts of extra activity.

The music from the main room could be heard in the private room

Again, it was gentle but loud enough to hear and create a vibe

He began to move in front of me

Arms above his head, slightly flexing… looking amazing

His hand ran over his private parts then he grabbed mine and brushed my hand against it

Big! Just as I had thought

My earlier concerns about the no touching rule no longer consumed any part of my brain

I wanted to touch it again

He turned around and continued dancing

His arse was juicy

Firm looking…

Like two ripe apples begging to be picked!

Whilst his back was to me, he slowly started to peel off his bottoms

As they fell to the ground I eagerly anticipated him turning around

He did…

Fat and delicious looking

Completely hair free!

Oiled and hard!

He flexed his cock

It bounced

He moved around some more

He was hypnotising me

He moved closer

The back of my head met the leather behind me

He practically straddled me

He began to rub himself against my leg

I let him

Then he grabbed my waist pulled me into him, lifted my leg and began to dry hump me

Just as well I wasn’t wearing a skirt I thought!

This continued for a couple of minutes

His smell was all around me

I could feel myself getting wet

I closed my eyes

I let those waves of dry pleasure flow over me

He pulled back and stood with his legs apart and began to stroke his cock as he gently gyrated

The stroking motion soon turned into a wanking one

All the while he looked me dead in the eye

This was more than just a private dance

Or was it?

As he wanked with his right hand, his left hand grabbed at his chest

He pulled at his nipple

He was getting off

I just stayed focused

My eyes did not move from what was taking place before me

Here I was with a sexy male stripper, wanking before me

What was I to do?

I felt like I should be doing more

He was definitely doing the most

He released his left hand from his chest and used it to pull my hand towards him

It was a bridge to far but I wasn’t about to stop him

He put my hand on his bare cock

He moved it back and forth – he was showing me what he wanted me to do

Slightly shocked, I obliged

It felt smooth but rugged


Was he ready to cum?

I continued wanking him

Then suddenly he pulled back

My hand dropped and he gestured to say no!

He leaned into me once more, pulled me up from the recliner and announced that the dance was over!









Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved