[#21TINTED – Day 8] Cheeky chocolate

The lights from the ceiling made his head top shine and his skin glisten

He was chocolatey smooth and rich

He stood strong at roughly 6 foot

Oiled to perfection clad in the smallest male thong

He was hung like a donkey

My mind wandered

Imagining what it would look like…

Feel like…

Taste like….

His movements were all masculine

No seedy gyration just more manly bumps and thrusts

He was popular, I could tell

There were more than a few ladies transfixed, I could tell

He just took it all his stride

It was work after all…a money maker!

I nudged Lisa beside me and subtly pointed his direction

She looked over, watched for a few seconds then looked back at me and nodded in approval

I suggested we get a table dance from him

She was on it!

I got up and moved out from the table and began the fight through the increasing crowds towards him

Eventually I reached him

I had to wait for the right moment

That arrived fairly quickly

He had spotted me and moved over

He had a cheeky twinkle in his eye

I confidently asked him for a private table dance for me and my girls

He instantly agreed

He linked my hand and told me to lead the way to where we were sitting

Back at the table, Lisa grinned from ear to ear whilst the others looked over approvingly

He positioned himself in front of me and started doing his thing

He smelt so good

Every move gave me a fresh nostril full

Close up he looked even more amazing

His skin was flawless, beard was perfectly groomed

Even his nails were manicured

Well maintained I thought

It wasn’t long before it became apparent that this table dance was really all for me

He did not move from in front of me and his eyes were fixated on me permanently

I felt conscious

I didn’t know where to look

I could feel my eyes dart a bit

His gaze made me nervous

He could sense that I was feeling a little uncomfortable

I think he revelled in that

He took my hand and placed it on his chest

I panicked inside (a little), I thought of the no touching rule

But did this apply?

He put my hand on him?

In that moment, I didn’t care…

I began to run my hand up and down his chest as he danced in front of me

His body felt great

He pulled me in and whispered quietly…

He wanted to give me a private dance

I wanted him to give me a private dance

The private dance had to happen

He clasped my hand and tugged at me gently

I stood up

He pulled me in the direction of the private rooms

I looked at my mates for some kind of approval

They all smiled at me inanely

I followed his lead!






Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved