[#21TINTED – Day 5] Errand dick!

I woke up the next morning shivering…

I had managed to wiggle out of the sheets during the night and my bare skin was left exposed to the elements

Not fun!

I dragged myself out of bed and hit the shower

I wasn’t actually in work today but I had things to do and an early start was necessary.

The shower woke me up completely

It always did…

The beating of the water on my skin was therapeutic and mesmerising.

Once finished, I wrapped myself in a towel and stood in front of the wardrobe, contemplating what to wear

I had a couple of errands to run and most of them involved interactions with men so I decided something sassy and cool would help win them over – most men were visual like that!

I went for a tight pair of jeans and an animal print cropped shirt

I paired the look with a classic shoe…nude courts with a mid-heel…

Casual but sexy!

I went easy on the face beat

I opted for a basic cat’s eye and a red lip.

Finally ready, I grabbed all my bits including my car keys and headed out

My first stop today involved me checking in with a set design crew

I worked for an events company but was trying to establish my own on the side.

This job I had managed to secure, was a for a huge wedding and the requirements were crazy

They wanted customised thrones and detailed seating for all the guests plus a bunch of other things

Money was not an option for this couple so I had sourced a top end firm that specialised in movie design.

The main guy that I dealt with was Lance

Lance was what I would probably call; beach bum looking

He had blonde shaggy hair, a perma tan and a body on him – you could tell he worked out…a lot!

Lance and I liked to flirt whenever we interacted.

He had a long term girlfriend but I knew he had a thing for me

He made that obvious!

When I arrived Lance was there to greet me…as always

It was the same ritual, a hug with extra squeeze and a peck on each cheek.

After all the niceties, he said lets head to his office so he can show me some samples of what they had been working on.

I followed him through the workshop

Some of the stuff looked instantly familiar

I was impressed!

Once in his office, he gestured to the leather armchair

I sat down

He switched on his laptop and as that powered up, he turned off the light – the images from the laptop were to be projected on to the wall in front.

We ran through some visuals and he asked me what I thought at the end of it

I told him I would like to see the real thing

He asked me if I was sure

Of course I was sure, I told him

He moved closer to me, undid his trousers and flopped his penis out

This is the real thing he announced.

I instinctively jolted back

He chuckled but made no attempt to put his penis away

In my head I was thinking, weird and a little bit in ya face (literally) but strangely, I liked it…

His confidence…

And the audacity to just expose himself without fear of the fallout

He asked me if I was just going to look at it.

I fired back with a cheeky comment and then grabbed it

I looked him dead in the eye and as I lowered my mouth towards his penis I asked him if this is what he wanted?

Before he could finish his answer my mouth engulfed his penis and I began to taste him…





Sherryl Blu©
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