[#21TINTED – Day 4] Rum & ride!

His face was a picture…wet from pussy juice and he lapped it up

He literally licked his lips.

I got up and adjusted myself

I just wanted to leave

He asked me if I fancied a glass of wine now

To be honest I did but I didn’t want to give off the wrong impression so I declined again

I just wanted to leave

After making some small talk and finally getting to the front door, he suggested we do this again some time

I thought to myself; this guy was really corny, his lines were the absolute worse BUT his head game was on point so I decided I wouldn’t rule out round 2 or even 3 as long as he knew exactly what the arrangements were.

When I got home I fixed myself a shot of rum

It went down smooth

I flopped into my own couch and let my head fall back

I felt drained but strangely horny

That good head had me feeling like I needed more

A nice bit of dick would be ideal I thought, but from whom

I looked at the time…

It wasn’t particularly late but it was a Thursday night, most had work in the morning

I went through my phonebook…

There were definitely options but my issue was everything that came with it

I fancied a quick hit without all the trimmings…was I going to get that?

Truth be told, there wasn’t many like Mr Head Only

Most would want something in return and rightly so I guess

Could I be bothered?

Not really…

I decided to head into my bedroom and hunt down my rubber friend!

This particular vibrator was bought for me by this guy I used to see

He loved watching me do myself

It was glow in the dark green and had a clit stimulator and an anal stimulator… it was without a doubt, one of my faves.

I removed my clothes and lay back on the bed

I set the clit stimulator to medium speed, steady pulse

I inserted the dildo part into my vagina and positioned the anal stimulator close to my anus

I wasn’t too fond of anal penetration but stimulating around it was fine

As the clit stimulator buzzed away, I fucked myself gently with the dildo

It felt good

I shoved it in deeper

I hit the spot

I gushed and carried on

I pumped up on the speed on the clitoral stimulator and set the anal piece gently buzzing

I could feel the wetness

I could hear it too

As the sensations intensified, I arched my back to get the dildo in even deeper

I rode that bit of rubber like my life depended on it…!

As I prepared to cum for the second time that evening I turned up both stimulator speeds to maximum and fucked myself with the dildo quicker and harder

It wasn’t long before I exploded

I pulled out the dildo and the nut drained out of me, soaking the bed sheets

Buzzing and high from the orgasm, I rolled off the wetness and lay still enjoying the sensations

As the tingling wore off, I contemplated the wet patch

I was so drained,

That was intense

I just wanted to sleep so I dragged the sheets off the bed, flung them in a heap at the foot of the bed, grabbed two clean sheets from the linen basket, wrapped myself in them, curled up on the bed and snuggled down to sleep

I was satisfied!









Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved