[#21TINTED – Day 3] Flick it, lick it, slurp!

In that moment I was conflicted…

Having oral offered on a platter was very tempting but I just wasn’t feeling this guy.

Would it be wrong of me to go through with it knowing where I stood with it all?

I justified it in my mind by telling myself, I didn’t ask for him to get off on my toes the way he did.

That shit was impromptu!

The offer to eat my pussy was payback…

That’s how I decided to look at anyway.

I told him straight up, it’s nothing more than oral, he was fine with that.


Later that evening, I headed over to his place.

On my way, I contemplated my get out excuse if the head was crap… I was prepared!

When he opened the door, the awkwardness greeted me first.

He reeked of aftershave and wore a tight fitting t-shirt – I could see his nipples fighting to be on show

It was a bit cringe to be honest!

He complimented me and told me to come in.

Once inside I noticed he had tried to set the scene somewhat…

There was a scented candle burning and a couple of glasses on the side next to a bottle of wine.

It was cheap wine

… I was unimpressed.

He offered me a glass, I told him I was driving so I would skip.

He poured himself one, knocked it back and then poured another.

He wasted no more time and moved towards me

He told me to lay back on the couch.

As I sat down, I sunk a little into the softness of the fabric.

He kneeled down in front of me and pulled me forward by my legs

He undid my jeans and pulled them off followed swiftly by my underwear

He parted my legs and began to stroke me with his fore finger.

It felt alright…

His finger found my clit and started to flick

That was good.

He then leant in and replaced the finger with his tongue

The wetness against my clit felt amazing and as he flicked his tongue over it, I could feel myself getting wet.

He got his whole mouth involved, massaging with his lips and deep flicks with his tongue

He reintroduced one of his fingers again

He inserted it into me, I groaned as the combination sent quivers through my body

He pulled away then dragged me further down the couch and shoved a pillow under my arse

He leant into me again, this time the thumb on his right hand rubbed my clit whilst he used two fingers on his left hand to part my lips and begin his licking….

His sucking…

His slobbering….

He was into it big time.

He was lapping up every bit of pussy juice.

His gentle moans and loud slurps confirmed his appreciation

He was doing good…

He suddenly stood up, then flipped me over on to all fours

He knelt down in front of my ass cocked in the air and inserted a finger into me from behind

It went deep.

As he pulled his finger out, he moved in with his tongue

His tongue entered me the same way his finger did…deep!

As he tongue fucked me, he ran his hand underneath me and played with my clit, stroking, flicking and generally just driving me wild.

He took his tongue out and began to gently tip my ass hole.

It was light flicking motions all whilst still rubbing my clit.

He licked up and down my ass crack then ran his tongue all the way back down to my pussy

It was heavenly…

He repeated the motion a few times

By now I was dripping and could no longer contain myself

I let him know I was about to cum

He flipped me back round, parted my legs and put one over each of his shoulders and back in he went.

He sucked and flicked until I couldn’t hold it…

My head felt fuzzy and legs turned to jelly as the sensation of ecstasy engulfed my body.

I let it go into his mouth and he loved it!




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