#21TINTED – what’s the story?

Welcome to #21TINTED an erotic story telling challenge that will see me pen an erotic piece daily following on from the piece uploaded the day before.

Aim: to let the creative juices flow like crazy (pun intended) and to end up with a full length piece at the end of the 21 days (again pun fully intended).

Rules: to upload a freshly written, unedited piece every day for the 21 days by midday!

Please note, as these pieces will be written off the bat and completely unedited, do expect the odd spelling mistake and grammatical error here and there…

Please follow the challenge using the hashtag: #21TINTED and/or subscribe to www.tintedblu.com to receive notifications of the uploads daily.

Feel free to share and interact in the posts but most of all…ENJOY!xx