[#21TINTED – Day 1] Foot head!

Every time we met up, it was my feet that took his interest.

More specifically, my toes!

He never explicitly stated he had a foot fetish, but he didn’t need to…his actions said everything.

The first time we met was through some work I was doing, he was a sound engineer and I needed to make use of his creative abilities!

Early sessions were fine, innuendo but no physical contact or attempts were made…until the third time.

I had removed my shoes to feel more comfortable.

This was something I always did.

I rarely wore socks but because it was summer, I had opted for a bright turquoise nail paint as opposed to my usual neutral colours.

It must’ve been the nail paint because from the moment I entered the space, his eyes were fixated on my feet…

It was so obvious!

I felt a little uncomfortable at first because there were no words, just looks!

We began the session but he was clearly distracted.

He tried to continue but his perversions got the better of him.

He asked me outright if he could just touch my toes.

My initial response was to tell him how weird it was that he would randomly ask me that.

He told me straight, he loved nice feet and mine were nice so could he touch them.

It so felt awkward but I was weirdly curious so I said he could.

He leapt up, moved towards me, kneeled down, sat back on his heels and then lifted my foot and placed it on his lap.

He began to run his fingers in between all of my toes whilst massaging the rest of my foot.

He paused for a moment, only long enough to pull an unopened amazon box from under the table and drag it towards us.

He lifted my legs and put the amazon box beneath and let my legs rest across it.

My feet were now at a more accessible level for him.

He continued to play with my toes then lunged.

He took my big toe into his mouth and started to suck it.

He rotated between licking, sucking and caressing.

As he ran his tongue across all the toes on my right foot, he groaned.

He fumbled at his jeans until he eventually released the button and zip.

He pulled out his penis and started to stroke it gently but at the same time took the 4 smaller toes into his mouth at once and proceeded to give my foot head!

He slobbered away whilst the stroking of his penis turned into a wanking motion.

He moved on to my left foot and continued in the same way.

The sensation ran all the way through my body creating flutters in my stomach – it felt good.

I was aroused!

He was definitely aroused…

He continued servicing my feet until he was ready to blow – it was clear when it was time, his wanking motion was faster and more aggressive!

Right at the point, he took as much of much foot that he could, deep it to his mouth, thrust down on his penis so hard and BOOM, he sprayed!

He literally sprayed cum….medium thick, cum!

He released my foot, drew away then lay on the floor.

He faced away from me but I could see his hand still cupped his penis.

He was drained and I…

…I really enjoyed it!





Sherryl Blu©
All rights reserved