Drink semen, be healthy?

What’s the quickest way of sending social media into a mini meltdown?

Drink semen daily and boast about it!

Well, that’s what blogger; Tracey Kiss has done and even though she made her announcement to the world a couple of years ago, it’s only now everyone is freaking out about it after a well-known lifestyle platform shared the dated facts.

So what?

Tracey reckons drinking semen can boost your overall health by providing you with minerals and vitamins in abundance.

She claims it’s something that’s easy to consume daily as it’s always on hand and actually, she is donated semen by her close friends!

She attributes the semen to healthy skin and adds it to her diet wherever possible claiming the man milk also doubles up as an antidepressant!

Her motto; a spoonful of semen a day, keeps the doctor away

Last time I checked, that motto referenced an apple but anyways, let’s get into this…


Is it really beneficial?

Is it genuinely time we all started ingesting semen smoothies and smearing it all over our skin in an attempt to radiate?

Well….according to small amounts of research, cum aka buss nut or jizz, can be good for you!

Yep, for real…

Arguably, spunk is nutritious rammed full of magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium – all vitamins which our bodies love to thrive on.

As we may already know, magnesium is great for bone health, diabetes and heart health to name a few, zinc is vital in immune function, treating colds and healing wounds whilst potassium is great for heart health and muscle strength and of course, calcium is crucial for the overall functionality of the body and some research even supports the idea of calcium along with vitamin D as protection against cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Spermidine is also found in semen (clue is in the name *wink*) and can be described as a longevity agent with the ability to reduce inflammation in the body – another possible justification for the consumption of the ole jerk sauce although, it’s probably useful to know, Spermidine can also be found in foods such as; mushrooms, aged cheese, soy products and whole grains (just saying init)!

Spermidine is also thought to be responsible for the reduction of wrinkles, smooth skin and the banishing of acne and actually, face cream containing Spermidine can cost anything upward of £150 a pot!

Yeah…this spermidine stuff is clearly the truth but as mentioned before, that ish is available in food form too! LOL

Teeth…yep, apparently allowing yourself to indulge in a mouthful of Gentlemen’s Relish could act as a cheaper alternative to teeth whitening courtesy of the zinc levels.

At this point, I feel I need to stress on the could here…could but is probably unlikely, especially if you are only allowing yourself a mouthful every now and again.

I would imagine twice a day at a minimum in the same way you would clean ya chops may help – emphasis on the may!

So what are we saying here?

Well, based on a lack of research in this area, I would say that yes, whilst semen does contain nutrients, the amount is minimal so you would have to consume a hell of a lot to reap the benefits.

With that in mind it’s probably easier (on your guts at least) if you ingest your vitamins as food or in a supplement form, unless of course you enjoy drinking liquid pearls then do you init!

But seriously though, whether you frequently enjoy a mouthful of cock chowder or not, whenever you do decide to go for it, remember to do so with caution ensuring your man is STI free (get him tested) as STI’s can be transmitted through oral sex too – heck even if you get a load in the eye and that’s infected nut butter, you could have a problem!

Be safe…!



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