A wellness range specifically for vaginas? Yes please!

Now you know I’m all about vulvas aka vaginas even though the correct term is actually vulva but many continue to call that whole area a vagina (phew), soooo imagine my excitement to learn that Cult Beauty have launched a new range that is centred around the vulva  and all its pleasure and wellness!

The campaign is aptly named #vulvation and has been released together with the Lady Garden Foundation and yes, the hashtag is absolutely necessary!

FYI: The amazing Lady garden Foundation is a national women’s health charity, raising awareness and funding for research into gynaecological cancers. (Cite)

So very necessary…

The #vulvation campaign was launched in line with International Women’s Day and promises to give us ‘everything from pH-balanced cleansers to lubricants, pelvic floor trainers to sex tech by way of libido-enhancing ingestibles’ – sounds exciting right although I have to say, when it comes to soaps and cleansers for her downstairs, be careful!

As we all know, Gina is self-cleansing and maintaining with a PH balance as tender as rose petals so, as long as you are providing her with clean water in the form of a bath or ideally a shower at least twice daily, cleansers may not be entirely necessary – but of course, you decide what’s best for you!

Actually, while we are mulling this point, can I just take the opportunity to remind you of how experts believe we should cleaning our vaginas?

It is advised that the inside of the vagina should be left to clean itself, like literally, only wash the outside (the labia) and if it’s soap you are using, ideally use one that is designed for the area or will not interfere with the PH balance.

Once you’re finished washing, pat down to remove excess dampness before putting on any clothing as warm and moist areas could also be a breeding ground for evil bacteria.

Sounds pretty straight forward doesn’t it?

Probably, but if you’re used to lathering all the way up, this news could be foreign to you.

Try it though…the lack of shower gel or soap will not allow your vagina to suddenly start to omit offensive odours… promise!

In fact it’s quite the opposite!

OK, so back to #vulvation…

So yeah, in addition to the various products, there will also be content available that will aim to tackle the stigma around sex and the overall wellness of the vagina.

Again, so very necessary!

Exciting times…

I can’t lie to you, I just love the way woman are embracing all that is theirs and taking charge.

Vaginas, wellness, sex…it’s all a huge part of life so let’s keep talking about it!

Hurrah to vaginas!


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