Anal sex, on trend?

I think I wanna say, anal sex is on trend!

And by on trend I mean, more and more people are indulging in it and less people are finding it squeamish to talk about or even accept that people do it.

Anal sex has always been one of those taboo subjects where if you are that person that can hold up your hand and claim you don’t see anything wrong with people doing whatever they please behind closed doors despite the fact that you’re not necessarily down for actually trying it yourself, onlookers would side eye you big time, call you “nasty” and just generally show you disapproval and disgust.

Not anymore, so it would seem and part of me wants to scream hurrah for this and no, not because I personally enjoy anal sex because I don’t!

In fact I’ve never tried it but the mere thought of it sends ripples through my body and not the orgasmic kind.

In my mind, I imagine it would feel very “pressured” and uncomfortable – neither feeling I particularly enjoy but, at the same time, I can totally see how it could feel good if done right after all, the booty is a major erogenous zone for both men and women with nerve endings galore!

The fact that historically, anal sex has always been a massively popular category in porn, also makes sense.  It plays off the fact that for the most part, anal sex was seen as taboo, dirty and/or only associated with homosexual activity so, to see not only men receiving anal on screen, but women too…often, interests are peaked and curiosity is aroused.

So why so taboo?

I believe our thoughts on anal sex are often solidified from early on without intention necessarily.

As children, we are taught your bum is dirty and is only meant for the disposal of waste…smelly waste at that and that we mustn’t touch our behinds unless wiping or bathing in thhe bath or shower.

Very quickly, we learnt that to mention our anus in public was a no no and God forbid if you were called an arsehole!  This literally meant you were simply disgusting and unclean!

This anal taboo definitely shaped the way society viewed gay men and contributed hugely to homophobia and prejudice, sometimes even unconsciously.

So why the change?

I think people are just getting over themselves and realising there is more to sex than straightforward vaginal intercourse.

Even porn viewing statistics show us that searches for anal sex online have increased tenfold!

In the same way oral sex used to be viewed as taboo but is now almost a competition amongst friends over who has “eaten” the most (some circles), anal sex is heading the same way.

TV shows often allude to it and music artists often refer to anal play in their songs, although not necessarily anal penetration.
For example, think of Nicki Minaj’s lyrics in her hit; Anaconda- “toss my salad like his name Romaine”!

There are lots of reason why one may want to engage in anal sex, from avoiding pregnancy through vaginal intercourse but still achieving an orgasm (we’ll come to that later), or simply just to be experimental and explore pleasure.

There really is no one reason fits all.

So come on, what about that anal orgasm thing?

Tis true that an orgasm can be achieved through anal intercourse for both men and women!

Whilst many understand that men can orgasm quite easily this way as anal penetration can directly stimulate their prostate gland resulting in immense pleasure, there is a lack of emphasis on the female orgasm via anal penetration.

Interestingly, more than 90% of women that have anal sex claim they orgasm every, single time!

That’s a pretty decent success rate if you ask me.

Sounds like a good enough reason for any woman that may be toying with the idea, to give it a go but prep yourself accordingly.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to know just what people I am personally connected with on social media thought about anal sex.

The results were more 60/40% in favour of anal still being portrayed as taboo.

Had that been 5 years or so ago, I reckon that would have been more 85/15%!

To summarise, whilst I think anal sex is by no means the same as vaginal sex, I’m very “meh” about the whole thing and whilst I have no intention of trying it any time soon, good for those that do, you’re definitely braver than I am!



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