To cuff or not to cuff?

With December looming, it’s fair to say the cuffing preseason is practically over and the full season is just about ready to begin.

Cuffing season: that time of the year when those that are usually more than happy to be single or play the field, find themselves liking the idea of shacking up with someone to potentially keep themselves nice and toasty on those cold winter nights!


Every year, this is dilemma many face…

Do you opt to ride the winter alone complete with thick jumpers and thermal underwear, or do you make the decision to be with someone during the cold spell with perhaps the potential of becoming a permanent fixture in your life or nah?

It’s a big decision for some – don’t knock it!

A million short term relationships are set to pop off over the next couple of months which does make one wonder, is the need to be “cuffed” during the winter months instinctive?

Is there an animalistic reason why we desire more closeness when it’s cold other than to keep warm?

According to specialists, the answer is NO!

Apparently there is absolutely no biological urge to “cuff” but the need is more of a psychological one than anything else.

Several studies show people tend to feel lonelier in colder weather and with more indoorsy, family orientated events happening throughout the winter months, the feeling of loneliness can definitely be a serious one.

I mean heck, even data taken from Facebook backs up this whole cuffing thang by telling us people often change their relationship status to “in a relationship” between October and February and revert back to “single” status as soon as spring hits.

So with that in mind, could it mean that any relationship established during cuffing season is almost doomed to fail?

I dunno, but what I do think is; it’s important for anyone entering in to any kind of relationship to know exactly what that relationship is all about…cuff season or not!

Too many times I’ve witnessed friends thinking they are in something more than they actually are and winding up getting/feeling hurt.

If it’s a relationship of convenience, in that you both fancy casually knocking boots whilst the weather is cold but it’s nothing more than that…be 100% clear and happy with that fact.

Don’t mug yourself off!



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