Feed your vagina right!

Every vagina matters and that really is the truth!

That amazing thing that stays nestled comfortably between your legs is awesomeness personified.

Not only is it a gateway for life to exist but it also gives pleasure and is an amazing source of personal pleasure too!

But, as with anything worth having, you have to look after it…

Nurture it…

Treat it good!

So how do we make our vaginas healthy and happy?

Besides the usual basics such as; keeping her clean, mowing the lawn and regular gynae check-ups…food!

Food is an essential requirement to live.

Feed your body the right foods and your vagina will thank you, literally!

Below I’ve listed some vagina friendly foods and why they will make her smile with glee.

Dark chocolate


We are actually promoting the consumption of chocolate – isn’t that amazing?

It’s got to be the dark kind though.


The darker the chocolate, the higher the flavonoid content.

Research shows us, women that eat at least a square a day of chocolate with a high flavonoid count, have better sexual function overall and tend to experience increased desire when compared to those that don’t.

Other benefits include; a magnesium boost which helps to soothe nerves, a shot of phenylalanine – the amino acid that produces the feel good chemical; dopamine and a great source of antioxidants.

Cranberry juice

Most of us are familiar with the need to consume this berry in juice form should a bout of cystitis decide to invade our bladders and cause urine hell for at least a day!

Cranberry juice is packed full of acid compounds that kill off any bad bacteria that attempts to set up home in said bladder.

Cranberry juice can also help ease and/or prevent urinary tract infections.

Greek yoghurt

Understanding the power of yoghurt is probably familiar territory for most either through discussion alone or having experienced the power of the yogurt on the vaj!

Yoghurt with live cultures and/or probiotics are thought to provide your bestie with the same good bacteria needed in order to maintain the correct PH levels.

These types of yoghurt could help prevent yeast infections and possibly BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) too!


Nooooo it won’t seep through the pores in your body and ooze out into the atmosphere thus creating a garlic scented force field around you.

Garlic is a known antimicrobial that can help fight yeast infections when eaten raw and actually tastes amazing when cooked into food.

Personally, I cannot cook without garlic so it’s two fingers to any yeast infections that fancy their chances in this noony!


As a result of the amount of zinc found in these tasty little nuts, almonds can help regulate your hormones and normalise your menstrual cycle.

As an extra bonus, almonds can also help boost your mood and more importantly, your immune system.

Sweet potatoes


These taste so good and to make things even better, sweet potatoes are packed with Vitamin A which is crucial for strengthening muscle tissues for strong vaginal walls.

Sounds like more sweet potatoes on the weekly menu is needed for sure!


Obvious, obvious, obvious yes…but not everyone drinks water in the way that they should.

In fact, most people don’t drink water the way they should.

Whilst having a coffee or a fizzy drink does contain water, a bunch of other stuff is also added bringing down the nutritional value massively.

Try and drink your required amount of water as just water…no cordials, no extra flavours added, just water!

Hydration is key for good health overall including the ability for the vagina to self-clean effectively.

Also it’s worth noting that water could dilute any strong smelly foods that could translate into a strong smelling vagina.

Sooooo, drinking water is not just essential, its ESSENTIAL!

Citrus fruits

And yes, that’s a blanket term for anything from an orange through to a lime.


Packed full of vitamin C, these juicy feckers contribute towards a healthy sweet spot but moreover, research has found a connection between the flavonoids found in citrus fruits and a decreased risk of ovarian cancer.

We’ve always known that eating an orange is good for you…

Coconut oil

Ohhhhhh how I live for coconut oil.

I love the stuff…

I slap it on, moisturise myself with it, cook with it…you name it and I’ve probably done it…with coconut oil.

So imagine my glee when I discovered just how amazing the stuff is for the overall health of my vajayjay!

Besides the benefits reaped from consuming coconut oil, applying it directly provides an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, beautifully smelly sexy ass lubricant!

Coconut oil for the win I say!


So there you go…

A bunch of vagina friendly goodies outlined and just begging to be added to your shopping list.

Of course, there are many other foods that are good for her downstairs too…this list is not exhaustive.

In fact, I may do a part 2 sometime soon…

Check back regularly and remember: EVERY VAJ MATTERS!!!!




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