Wanna know Mo’ about Movember?

We are well into November and no doubt you’ve probably come across someone that is doing ‘Movember’!

In fact, for the past few years, the question of what Movember is about and why so many men allow their top lips to become extra hairy during the month of November, is possibly a question that has been on the minds of many women (and men) that sit genuinely in the dark on this.

Let me reassure you…no Movember is not just an excuse to dodge the shaving cream and razors but actually stands for so much more.

Movember is a means of raising awareness.

The backstory

The Movember Foundation was birthed in 2003 and has grown to become the leading charity that addresses some of the biggest health issues that cause far too many men to die prematurely.

Those issues include:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Mental health including suicide prevention

The aim of the foundation is to reduce the number of premature deaths amongst men by 25% by 2030!

So why grow the tashe?

Now you have an understanding for what Movember stands for, here’s the bit that explains away those lip caterpillars.

Simply put, growing your moustache for the whole month of November will raise funds for the charity.

Literally, a man can sign up to grow for November and his friends and family will sponsor him to let his soup strainer roam free.

All proceeds will go towards funding the amazing work the Movember Foundation do.

Encouraging others to get involved helps massively.

It really is a case of; the more the merrier!

Click here to visit the Movember Foundation for more information on the charity as well as a How to Grown toolkit, a Movember fundraising guide and much more.

And finally…

As mentioned, the website is a really interesting read but one piece of information that stuck out for me was the 5 things every man should know.

They were as follows:

  1. Make man time – make and spend time with your friends, it’s good for you!
  2. Have open conversations – you never know when someone really needs you.
  3. Know the numbers – when you should talk to your doctor about male cancers and screenings
  4. Know thy nuts – feel your balls, get familiar…if something changes, get it checked!
  5. Move more – more activity = feel good

All 5 points are crucial and actually, are just as applicable for women (swap out nuts for breasts).

Big up to the Movember Foundation charity – it is absolutely needed!

Last word.

If you do know someone doing the whole Movember thing, friend, family member or colleague, go support and sponsor.


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