Sainsbury’s; salad or sex toys?!

Soooo big ole Sainsbury’s, I mean… posher-than-Tesco-but-cheaper-than-Marks Sainsbury’s, has only gone and announced that they will be dipping their big toe into the world of sex and satisfaction with their first ever range of sex toys!

Yep, along with your regular groceries, you will soon be able to slip a little something in the basket that is designed to please but will definitely last longer than an oversize bar of chocolate!

Sainsbury’s have confirmed the exciting revelation comes off the back of their Living Well Index which highlighted the importance of sexual satisfaction when concerned with one’s overall wellness.

With roughly 1 in 3 Brits claiming they are far from satisfied with their sex lives, Sainsbury’s have clearly identified a huge gap in what supermarkets sell and thus developed three introductory products.

Priced at a reasonable £8, you can purchase the Rose Gold Bullet.

For a few quid more, you can cop the Rose Blush Bullet for £12.

And for another £3, the Aura Silver Vibrator can be yours for only £15.

Damn, I sound all sales persony but I genuinely think those prices are pretty decent.

Provided they actually deliver satisfaction yep, those prices are not bad at all mate!

Sainsbury’s have already started rolling out these products and will continue to do so until 4th November.

The products will be available across nearly 500 stores nationwide with a view to adding more products next year, based on customer feedback.

I definitely applaud this move as it goes some way to normalising the use of sex toys.  I mean, if you can pick up a vibrator along with a hand of bananas and some cornflakes, then it’s got to be normal right?

This move certainly helps to remove the stigma and presumed sleaze that is still often associated with buying sex toys…yes, even in big 2018!

With that being said, looks like a trip to Sainsbury’s is in need…for research purposes only of course!




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