Foreskin or nah?

There is so much more to a penis than it just being a penis you know…

Imagine…you’ve got straight ones, bent ones, ones with large heads, skinny ones, fat ones and of course ones that are either circumcised or not!

There’s so much variety that truth be told, it would probably be unfair to actually declare exactly what type of cock is deemed the best!

However, there is definitely room for the discussion around whether you prefer your willies to have foreskin or not!

In fact in my circle, this is a pretty normal topic of discussion.

Don’t get me wrong, we don’t sit there having a pow wow over foreskins but it certainly wouldn’t be looked at as strange if one of the girls brought it up – especially if she’s got a new fuck buddy!

After all, women want to know the ins, the outs and all the gory bits in between.

But there are some rules that we do adhere to…

We  never disclose what your real life man/boyfriend/husband is saying in the bedroom,  dick wise or otherwise.

If he’s just a bang or a weekend regular, then disclose away…

If he later turns into a real boyfriend, he should probably accept the fact that most of her mates probably know more about his motion in the ocean then he would care to imagine.

Anyway, I digress….


Personally, I don’t discriminate against the foreskin but I do know there are a bunch of women that would be simply mortified if they were to be confronted by a trouser snake with a hidden head – so to speak.

Equally on the flipside, some women just don’t find an exposed, often shiny penis head, attractive.

It really is down to preference and the luck of the draw because if we are honest, for most people, it’s not a deal breaker, is it….?

If its foreskin you like and that’s what the latest squeeze has, great!

If it’s the opposite but everything else is how-it-should-be, chances are, you’re going to roll with it anyway!

Soooo, I thought it would be interesting to conduct a little social experiment of my own and see whether my Instagram buddies preferred their men to have foreskin or not.

The results were pretty interesting…

38% of the people that took part said yes to the foreskin whilst the majority at 62% said they prefer to have a willy without!

I do wonder what genuinely influences the choices made here.

Why is an au naturel penis less desirable than one that has essentially been cut and exposed?

Is it what we’ve been told to deem as desirable?

Is the rhetoric around men that have been circumcised tend to be cleaner, really a motivator for our choices?

Surely hygiene is a personal thing and with or without a foreskin, a penis could still be potentially smelly…?

Just saying!

I can’t help but think, a large portion of women that claim they prefer a man to be circumcised probably don’t actually care but when confronted with an either or either situation, stating their preference as ‘without’ seems more acceptable in some way.


Yes, we all have preferences and the fact that some men have foreskins and some men don’t, definitely makes way for there to be a preference but the bottom line here; foreskin doesn’t impact a man’s performance in the sack unless of course there are medical implications.

Just food for thought….


  1. I am so glad I’m circumcised! I’m not into dicks but, to me, foreskins look weird! ‘Dick cheese’ is an issue for a circumcised man, so I’m sure it must be worse for an uncircumcised man? Correct me if I’m wrong?


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