A 5 minute quickie with the HANX ladies.

I recently caught up with the ladies behind possibly the most stylish condom brand ever; HANX!

I wanted to learn more about the 100% natural, vegan friendly must have and I wanted to understand everything there is to know about these condoms designed by women, with women in mind.

In just 5 minutes, I managed to gain great insight into the brains behind the brand.


Hi there,
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me.

I came across your brand thanks to the amazing power of social media.
I was instantly intrigued.

Tell us about the HANX brand and what makes these condoms so special?

HANX presents a new kind of condom brand founded by Doctor Sarah Welsh and financier Farah Kabir in 2017.
The main drive behind creating HANX was to be able to speak directly to women with a neutral, stylish design that eradicates the stigma of purchasing and carrying condoms.  Seeing an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and understanding the stigma surrounding condom purchase, we set out to develop and launch a new brand that becomes a cult handbag item, a part of the everyday.
We are normalising openly discussing contraception and sexual health.
We are also super passionate about sustainability and so our condoms are 100% vegan, our materials are Fair-trade, and our production takes place in Germany, not in Asia like our competitors.
So when you use HANX, you’re kind of saving the planet too!

So the brand is designed with the female in mind, what prompted this?

Yes! All of this emerged when Farah told Sarah about the time when she was in a store buying some condoms and who was standing right behind her? Her boss! He found the whole thing very funny and she was, needless to say, a bit mortified!
Anyway, the two identified a gap in the market for condoms that were aimed at women, not focused on sex as a conquest.
Enter HANX!
We care about the overall wellbeing of women and that is the fundamental message of our brand. We’re endorsed by medical professionals and our condoms are as natural as they come. We think it’s important to know what you’re putting in your body so we’ve designed with an actual woman in mind.

How important do you believe it is for ladies to have a condom brand specifically for them?

Although we are all about empowering women, we want HANX, as a product, to be the go-to brand for men, women and all genders. Obviously, there is a lack in terms of condoms aimed at women and so they are our primary target. That being said, we don’t want HANX to only appeal to women, that’s why our packaging is neutral and minimal.

In terms of the brand overall, we think it’s vital to promote the message that women carrying condoms are empowered and powerful, not promiscuous. There’s nothing funny or embarrassing about carrying rubbers! If anything, it shows you care about your own sexual wellbeing and that of your partner. We’re having more sex than ever, so preventing STDs and STIs is vital!

Do you believe women are empowered sexually?

Yes and no. It depends on the context.
In more ‘woke’ places women are very forward and open about sexuality but there’s still so much more to do.
Women like sex…love it!
We think there’s still a slight taboo around a woman who fully embraces her sexuality. We want to become a cult handbag item and make carrying condoms and talking about sex normal.
After all, sex is completely normal and natural.
Maybe it’s just a very British attitude!

In your opinion, does the media promote women being sexually empowered/liberated or the opposite?

We’ve certainly noticed a real shift in social media recently.
There’s a lot more body positivity promoting being comfortable in your own skin.  This essential when you’re having sex, but there are also the inevitable hurdles.
We’d like to see that silly rule about allowing men’s nipples to be shown on Instagram, but not women’s, to be eradicated.
That being said, sexual empowerment is having a real moment in this post #MeToo era.
Long may it continue…

OK, so we all know condoms are a great form of protection when engaging in sexual activity, but not everyone woman feels confident enough to actually put one on.
Do you have any advice on perhaps the easiest or most effective way of doing so?

Well, the nice thing about HANX is that our condoms are clean-scented.
Most condoms have a tacky smell and it can be a real turn off.
Having a clean scent means that our condoms can be involved as a part of foreplay because there’s nothing to detract from that erotically charged moment.
Putting a condom on doesn’t have to be a rushed affair, go slow. Squeeze the top and slowly roll it down your partner’s penis. Maybe alter the pressure as you do this too.
Simple for you, pleasurable for him!

Finally, please share your 3 top tips to help women feel in charge of themselves sexually?

  1. The golden rule: Stop comparing your body to everyone else’s!
    Our bodies were made to be different.
    Some of us are thicker, some very skinny, some may be short, others may be tall.  Some of us have huge butts, others very small breasts. Nothing about a body invalidates it. Once you realise this, you’ll learn to accept displaying everything and owning your sexuality.
  2.  Having some alone time with yourself can be great too. Going solo can let you know what works foA r you, where you like to be touched and getting more comfortable with yourself sexually. We recently wrote an article on mindful sex and there’s a lot to be said for it. If you want more information on that, google it or read our blog post HERE!
  3. Carrying condoms wherever you go does make you feel in charge of your sexuality. It means that if a spontaneous bit of sex strikes, you not only guarantee it will be safe, but you also get to choose the condom brand you prefer.


Oh yes to those 3 tips, I love them!

Amazing ladies, I thoroughly enjoyed our short but sweet catch up – thank you!


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For more info on the brand and to purchase some condoms, please visit the HANX website HERE!

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