But winter penis really is real!

A couple of days ago I spoke about winter vagina and the fact that it’s basically a bout of vaginal dryness which, if we are honest doesn’t necessarily have to be down to the temperatures dropping.

Unfortunately for some, vaginal dryness is a real thing and therefore, calling it winter vagina may leave a bit of a bad taste in the mouths of those that suffer.


Winter penis is definitely real!!!


Let me tell you…

It is known that blood vessels can shut down in various parts of the body due to the cold weather and sorry to say guys, but your penis is one of those areas likely to suffer according to sex experts!

Crazily, the cold weather can cause your penis to shrink up to 50% of its original length and between 20%-30% in girth!

Yup…that’s massive (or not so in this case)!

The fallout from the shrinkage includes reduced erectile ability, thus resulting in difficulty reaching orgasm.

Oh…and your testicles also rise up into your body to stay warm during cold spells.

Having trouble accepting this fact?

Just imagine, in the same way your fingers and toes tend to feel the cold first, your penis will too as it is affectively an extremity and the body reduces blood flow to these areas because it has to redirect heat and energy to the vital organs in the more central part of the body.

There is a genuine science to this let me tell you…

Sorry guys but there is just one more thing.  The cold desensitises the penis which makes it less responsive to the touch so if it’s cold and you’re trying to wake up the little fella for some action and he’s taking longer than usual to get going, this is why!

No fair?

On the flip side, summer penis does the reverse so holidaying abroad during the winter months is always a good call if you want your bestie to stay consistent – could be expensive though!


  1. In physical terms, what you say is completely accurate. If you ever needed a reason to indulge in porn (like we ever need a reason) Winter gives you the perfect excuse. Keep that blood circulation flowing! If you get the chance to spend time with an exciting woman, even better! My advice is to have more sex and even kinkier sex in Winter. Just like the title of that Kleeer song, keep that body working!


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