Foreplay is the entrée

The discussion around foreplay, how long it should last and what it should involve is a conversation that will never die.

I personally believe foreplay is crucial for a good sex session and even if it’s just a quickie, some sort of foreplay always goes down a treat.

In my eyes, foreplay is the entrée before the main, the prawn dippers before the lobster, you know… the mouthful of chocolate brownie before the ice cream!

Foreplay is a great mood establisher and should benefit both parties involved.

I wanted to know if others outside of my friendship circles felt that foreplay was as important as I do, so I went ahead and conducted a little poll across social media…as you do.

The results were pretty much as I expected.

Only 22% of those that got involved preferred to have foreplay that lasted less than 15 minutes, whilst a whopping 78% would rather their partner take their time and furnish them with more than 15 minutes.

The results of this poll confirmed what I already believed… foreplay is a necessity and actually, could be the difference between a good sexual experience and a bad one.

So what about foreplay?

How do we make it count and why is it preferred?

I am no expert but I can definitely tell you this: foreplay and satisfaction go hand in hand.

I think typically, women are more likely to insist on foreplay before full sex (if there was a discussion to be had) and the reason for this is simply, to get in the mood!

As mentioned before, foreplay is a mood establisher and because women tend to take more time to open up, foreplay definitely helps that along as well as a way getting those juices flowing.

Sensuality is key to great foreplay as it builds up sexual tension.

Sensuality is based on both the psychological and physiological enjoyment of your own body and/or another.

The amazingness of the human body means we can experience sensation through the five senses; smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing.  Sensuality is when any of these senses are stimulated and result in arousal.

Whilst yes, the obvious parts of the body to pay attention to during foreplay would be the erogenous zones, you know the nipples, lips, inner thighs…those sorts of areas, but touching and caressing other parts of the body such as the legs and shoulders, could also be a massive turn on.

It’s not always about tucking straight into the genitals!

It’s massively important to note that even though it’s called foreplay, that doesn’t mean it has to end because intercourse has begun.

Continuing on with the seduction throughout the whole session would enhance the encounter tenfold in my opinion.

Touching, seducing, stimulating and conversation (not too much now), should be a part of the full experience.  I mean imagine doing all of that sensual stuff then once you get to the intercourse, its silence and rigidness?


That’s probably not ideal for anyone if we are truly honest!

Finally, I think it is vital to remember that foreplay has no boundaries.  It all depends on what you like and are happy to explore.

Massage and dirty talk are just as effective to some as oral sex and kissing is to others.

The bottom line…do what works for you, do what feels good and overall, make sure every sexual experience you indulge in is a truly enjoyable and satisfying one!


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