7 common fantasies women have.

OK, can we talk about fantasies…for a minute, please?

I think it’s safe to say EVERYONE has a fantasy of some sort

Some are wild ASF whilst others, not so.

Fantasising is normal, healthy and let me just say again…absolutely NORMAL!

Fantasising doesn’t mean you want to cheat on your partner and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are not satisfied in your current relationship, as some would like to have you believe.

Fantasies are exactly that…fantasies!

Most people will never act on their fantasies whilst others may get brave but seriously, ladies I want to clear up a few things around fantasies and some of the most common fantasies other women may have.

Below I have outlined just 7 of the most popular fantasies for women.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how many you can relate to *wink

1. Oral sex

Giving and receiving oral sex is high up on the list and whilst it’s pretty obvious and understandable, a lot of women fantasize about either being more submissive or dominant.

Some fantasise about engaging in oral sex publically or in front of an audience.

Very popular!

2. Domination

Being dominated and dominating someone is another popular one and the fantasies range from merely being restrained or restraining someone whilst kissing through to full on, hardcore BDSM and humiliation.

Because it’s a fantasy, there really is no limit to where the mind can take you!

3. Voyeurism and exhibitionism

A lot of people fantasise about watching others having sex and/or being involved.

The fantasies could be simply peeping through a crack in the wall and watching a couple having sex through to you stripping off for your partner and performing a striptease

Even further still, starring in a porn film or masturbating in front of an audience, are also very popular fantasies.

4. Lesbian sex

Many straight women fantasize about lesbian sex for two major reasons.

  1. Lesbian sex tends to focus on things that tend to get women off such as clitoral stimulation and oral sex and 2. its taboo!

5. Group sex

Having sex with a group of 3 or more people is another popular fantasy.

A lot of women enjoy this fantasy because there is a lot going on and it’s entertaining…basically!

6. Sex with an ex!

Yep, crazily this is another common one but the reasoning behind it makes perfect sense.

In many minds, the idea of having sex with someone that knows your body is always a good idea for most, so to revisit the best sex you had with an ex appeals but it is also acknowledged as a bad idea.

It’s probably the fact that it’s such a bad idea that makes it such a popular fantasy!

7. Sex in public or an unusual place

A massively common fantasy that appeals because of the risk involved.

Having sex in public ties in with exhibitionism as the thrill of getting caught is usually the motivation behind it.

The idea of having sex in an unusual place spruces up the idea of indulging in your usual sex acts but perhaps in a club or in the back of a car for example – it spices things up!



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