Free the bush!

There are many pressures that come along with womanhood, most of which are totally unnecessary and actually, very unfair.

The pressure around how your pubic hair looks is exactly one of those very unnecessary pressures because let’s be honest, the pressure comes from what we think is desirable when in reality, the truth is often quite different.

I reckon, every woman has their ideal pubic hairstyle (for want of a better expression), but I do wonder how many actually go with what they truly want?

Not many I bet!

Seriously, I’ve heard soooo many women complain about getting waxed and the stress behind keeping her downstairs smooth and hair free.

Let’s be real though, often the motive behind the regular visits to the beauty salon is to stay desirable for him indoors when really, most women just want to let the bush roam free with the minimum amount of maintenance as possible.

Most….not all!

Great news though, if you are one of those au naturel sisters that has NO time for the pain that comes with waxing, or does not respect the nicks and razor bumps that potentially come as a result of shaving, you’ll be pleased to know, the full bush is back and is very much in fashion!

Of course, no one should ever be dictated to but as far as society goes, we are all influenced by what society says, even if it’s just a little bit.  So if you’ve been aching to free the pubes, now is your chance to do so and be applauded for it by all the fashionistas – if you care that is!

So where are we getting our fashion cues from?

Amongst other sources, Vogue of course!  Well at least in this instance.

Vogue have announced that the full bush is the new Brazilian!

They’ve also given us tips on transitioning from bald to bush which include the following:

  1. Exfoliate in the shower to treat and prevent any ingrown hairs that may occur
  2. Opt for organic cotton underwear to allow the skin to breathe and avoid tight clothing whilst transitioning
  3. Invest in trim scissors for when the hair grows to an undesirable length. If you can comb out the pubes before trimming, apparently this is better.  However if you do prefer to shave, make sure you use a good quality shaving soap to avoid irritation.

Interesting hey?

The bottom line, how you choose to rock you panty hair, is 100% your choice and always should be.

Do what’s comfortable for you and if he or she doesn’t like it….tough!





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