Sexual Health Week 2018: CONSENT!

Today (24th September) marks the start of Sexual Health Week 2018 and this year, the theme is consent!

Consent is needed when it comes to most things in life including sex and healthy relationships.

The lines around consent are often blurred with many believing the word NO is the only word that constitutes NOT consenting!

Worrying right?

Yes very…

The #metoo movement has proven just how concerning a lack of understanding or total disrespect towards consent, can be.

For the record: consent is defined as giving full permission and/or agreeing to do something or allow something to happen.

Wherever consent is needed, if in doubt about whether consent has been given, be sure to double check…triple check if you have to, just make sure you are 100% clear…no grey areas!

It’s crucial to remember, whilst consent is given in the form of an enthusiastic yes, it’s not always just about words spoken, listening and negotiating is very important too.

If you have something you would like to share relating to the theme for this year’s sexual health week: consent…join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag: #SHW18


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