Dating on Facebook?

I remember hearing some murmurings about Facebook developing a dating app earlier on this year.

It appears those murmurings have now turned into a full on conversation – it is actually happening!

Despite the fact that my Facebook presence and usage is pretty shit at the best of times, one thing I do know is; many people use Facebook to hunt out potential suitors and even subscribe to various apps such as Badoo in an attempt to further aid their quest – to me, Facebook launching their own app rather than allowing others use of their space, seems like a pretty obvious step towards complete domination over every aspect of an unsuspecting Facebook user.

The online dating product is very aptly named; Dating!

The service has been rolled out for testing to users in Colombia over the age of 18 and as it stands the app is only available on mobile for the time being.

Users are invited to create a separate profile for the Dating app – presumably to avoid any potential embarrassing exposure.  I mean imagine finding out that half of the weirdos that somehow managed to wind up on your page over the years now know you are actively seeking a date?

Not ideal!

Anyway, once you have set up this profile, basic information like your name and gender will be ported over.  You will be then given the opportunity to bulk it up a bit by adding more detail about yourself such as your height, job title, religion etc.

The app allows you to include up to 9 pictures or ‘ice breaker’ questions already set by Facebook.  The ice breaker questions can be chosen from 20 available pre-set questions and aim to give a more in depth feel of you.  Questions such as; what would your perfect day be like, are included.

Now here’s the bit that I reckon most people will be looking out for before signing up for Dating.  The app will use a unique algorithm to set you up with potentials based on things you have in common and mutual friends but you will not see anyone you are already friends with!

Hurrah right?  Because let’s be real, if you have someone on your page that you took a shine to or whatever, you probably wouldn’t want an app to hook you up.  I mean, if you couldn’t muster up the courage to slide in the DMs, an app probably wouldn’t change that…

But we digress….

So once the app is up and running and pictures and questions are all in place, what next I hear you ask.

Well, this is the interesting bit…

Rather than swipe like Tinder, Facebook has decided that the only way to sort through potential matches, is to tap; Not Interested if you are indeed, not interested!  And if you do find someone that floats your boat, you won’t be able to just strike up a conversation like on other apps…

Nope!  You have to interact by responding to one of the 9 photos or questions.

Funny, I actually like the idea of that, it means you can’t just rock up into someone’s messages with something massively corny…well you can but it would have to be a little more thought out as it will have to be in response to something else.

Another feature that separates Dating from other apps is; Facebook can take advantage of the fact the user already has a Facebook profile.  With this, Dating can link into other features on the platform including providing an option for looking for matches who attend the same events as you or are part of the same Facebook groups.

Just thinking about it and all these other little features that come with it, I’m not entirely sure whether this new app is interesting or spooky to be honest.

Some people spend way too much time on Facebook as it is and this could just add to that time wasted and what about the fantasists?  Surely those that believe everything that happens or is said online is real, will just be fuelled further…

Also, I’m not entirely convinced about the not being exposed to friends on Facebook bit.  What’s to say the algorithm might accidentally make that embarrassing link?

Hmmm I guess time will tell.

So who’s looking forward to the UK roll out?


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