Ask Tinted Blu: Tossing the Salad

You’ve probably heard the term tossing the salad more than once and whilst yes, actually throwing together some cucumber, tomatoes and bit of lettuce and possibly some onions and carrots would amount to literally tossing a salad, more often than not when this term is used, it has a very sexual undertone.

Tossing the salad in the sexual sense is the act of going down on someone’s anus, asshole, butt crack…however you want to phrase it, it is simply the tonguing, licking and slobbering over the waste disposal point at the underside of the human body…for pleasure of course!

FYI: the correct term is; analingus also known as anal oral or a rim job.

On the surface, most would squirm at the idea of putting their face in someone’s ass, but truth be told, a lot of people indulge in analingus and enjoy it.

What about STIs and bacteria?

It is definitely worth remembering that whilst lovingly tasting someone’s ass hole is relatively safe, do bear in mind STIs can be spread this way, just like they can through most sexual acts.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to presume there could be some unfriendly bacteria lurking in that region but truth be told, provided the recipient is not suffering with any gastrointestinal issues such as salmonella or E.coli, the chances of catching something are very slim.

Obviously, check before you tuck in and whilst you’re on the subject of potential tummy issues, check with them that their bowel movements aren’t abnormal either.  You could be avoiding a face full of shit or a mouth full of fart by asking the right questions or having a simple discussion about things before engaging in anal play especially if this is a boyfriend/girlfriend or a regular partner.

Overall, cleanliness is key here and so is comfortability.

If the receiver is clean and you are 100% comfortable with being the giver, then you’re absolutely good to go!


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