11 vagina facts worth knowing!

The vagina is amazing, we all know that.

But exactly how brilliant is it?

Below I’ve outlined just 11 wonderful facts about the vagina.

I wonder how many you already knew. *wink*

|  The word ‘vagina’ is actually a Latin word for sheath!
Kinda makes sense doesn’t it?

|  On average, a vagina is approximately 3-4 inches deep but when aroused, it can expand to double its usual size.

|  Your vagina is intelligent!
Imagine… if you are trying for a baby (or avoiding getting pregnant), your vagina does give off indications as to when she’s most fertile.
During ovulation, the cervical mucus discharged will become clear and stretchy and there will be more of it.
Pay attention to her!
|  Your vagina has the amazing ability to self clean which is why douching shouldn’t be on your to do list.
Douching strips away all the friendly bacteria living peacefully in your vagina and thus leaves it open for infection to thrive.
Obviously showering and bathing with vagina friendly products is an essential part of your hygiene routine but douching should be cut out!

|  Equally, your vagina will let you know when something isn’t right.
Itching and irritation is usually an early sign that something may be amiss and should you see a bloody discharge (not period blood), always have it checked it out.
The same applies if you notice any abnormal foul odours and excessive amounts of discharge.

|  Ever wondered why you have to insert tampons at an angle?
Well that’s because, your vagina sits at roughly a 130 degree angle!

|  Birth control pills can have an impact on how wet you get when you are aroused.
This is because oestrogen levels contribute to how lubricated the vagina gets.
So, affect the oestrogen levels, affect the ability to lubricate too!
The menopause and even breastfeeding can also impact the vagina in this way for exactly the same reason….oestrogen levels.

|  A large percentage of women are unable to climax through vaginal penetration alone.

|  Contrary to popular belief (or not so), a guy with an extra big schlong or a bigger than usual dildo, will not stretch you out!
A vagina has the ability to return to its original size after sex.

|  Your vagina enjoys a work out too and how best to do so? Kegels!
Whilst Kegels are highly recommended after childbirth, your vagina could benefit massively from this particular exercise even if you haven’t had a baby.
Kegels will help to keep everything up there tight – think of it as alternative anti aging cream for the vagina.

|  And finally, if you suffer from menstrual cramps, you may be pleased to know an orgasm can help to relieve you of them.
If you do suffer before or during your period, give masturbation a go to ease away the pain. Prep properly first though, bloodied sheets is never a good look!




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