#EVERYVAJMATTERS is a movement aimed to embrace vaginas everywhere!

If you own a vagina, love vaginas or simply just appreciate the amazingness of the vagina, then #EVERYVAJMATTERS could be of interest.

Using the #EVERYVAJMATTERS hashtag, I intend to share knowledge, useful facts and information and bring awareness of health issues and the complex workings of the vagina.

From satisfaction through to concerns, this hashtag will cover it all.

Want to get involved?

Besides sharing the posts on your social media platforms to help raise awareness and spreading the vaj love, feel free to tag any post you may upload that either directly involves or pertains to a vagina in some way!

Tagging allows other people that are interested in the hashtag, to be able to search and find all things related, easily.

EVERY vagina really does matter so let’s make #EVERYVAJMATTERS really count!


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