The VMAs 2018 Battle of the Bum Bum!

The VMAs has literally just happened and aside from the usual array of outrageous wears, this year proved that it was all about the battle of the bum bum!

Three celebrities in particular stood out for their choice of bum enhancing red carpet fashion this year.

First up; Nicki Minaj!

No stranger to flaunting her voluptuous figure at any given opportunity, the rapper followed protocol on the red carpet and wore what could only be described as a bodysuit with a sheer dress over for effect – because let’s be honest, it hid absolutely nothing)!

Nicki’s extra long jet black tresses together with bright red nails and barely-there heels, allowed the famous derriere to showcase perfectly.

Another queen of bootay, was on hand to give Nicki a run for her money.

Blac Chyna…

Again, not exactly the shy and retiring type, Blac donned a pink chainmail kind of Gladiator type ensemble that exposed a white thong nestling beautifully in between her ample butt cheeks.

Arguably, the outfit was more dancehall wears than red carpet but regardless, it was definitely very Blac Chyna!

The third contender in the butt off, was surprisingly (or not so surprisingly depending on how you view things), Rita Ora!

Rita turned up wearing a sheer black number revealing a mesh pair of Brazilian style undies that let the pertness of her bottom peak through.

Obviously not nearly as well endowed as the other two but certainly up there as one of the ‘I’m-proud-of-my-behind-and-I-will-flaunt-it’ celebrity ladies.


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