Why orgasms are great for your health!

Whilst there is no doubt that having an orgasm is a fantastic feeling for most, the great thing is there are added health benefits to having one, or two or even three….

Below is a list of all the health based reasons behind why you should be maximising your weekly orgasm tally.

They’re great for the skin
Often after a good sex session, you may appear to be glowing.
This is because having an orgasm increases the blood flow to the skin which gives you that glow.  As an added bonus, that healthy blood flow but can also reduce wrinkles and minimise skin damage in the long term.

Stress buster
All the hormones that make you feel great flood your body when you have an orgasm including oxytocin which is a known stress reliever.

Better sleep
Besides the hormone oxytocin, serotonin and norepinephrine are also released when you have an orgasm.
These two hormones are key in taking the body through the REM cycle when you sleep, so any increase will help you sleep better.
The perfect excuse to orgasm every night!

Headache reliever
Endorphins and dopamine are just two of the many hormones released during an orgasm that can be classed as pleasure hormones.
These hormones contribute to reducing the sensation of pain thus minimising the extremeness of a headache, migraine or any other pain for that matter

Assists in avoiding infections
All the hormones that are released during an orgasm boost your immune system massively and as a result increase the ability of your body to produce those antibodies designed to protect against any bacteria linked to illness.
This could actually be what we need to prevent the wintertime lurgies, daily orgasms, morning AND night…at least!

Great for heart health
Anything that gets your heart pumping and working is ultimately good for the heart.
When at the peak of your orgasm, your heart could be pumping as if were enduring light exercise.  That together with all that’s involved in actually getting to the point of orgasm, it’s no wonder so many calories are burnt during sex!



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