7 wonderful ways a woman can orgasm

This week we are celebrating National Orgasm Day here in the UK and whilst it officially falls on the 31st July, I don’t see why we can’t keep that same energy and just celebrate orgasms for next few weeks and beyond.

As most of us would agree, having an orgasm is at least 90% of the reason why we engage in any sexual activity anyway and whilst an orgasm can not only feel great, it also has numerous health benefits.
(Click here to read about those benefits).

The female body in its all glory, is nothing short of amazing and when it comes to orgasms, there are a whole host of reasons as to exactly why the female body is simply fabulous.

Below you will discover just 7 types of orgasm a woman can experience.
Some you will be familiar with others, maybe not so.

Let’s go!

  1. Clitoral orgasm

Stimulation of the clitoris is probably the most well-known type of orgasm.
Rubbing, licking or using a sex toy to stimulate the clit, can fairly easily bring most women to a climax.
Varying degrees of stimulation can impact the overall intensity of the orgasm.


  1. Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm can be achieved when more than one area is stimulated at the same time resulting in an orgasm.  For example, clit play and nipple play combined together may allow a woman to orgasm but it’s not entirely clear, which of the two areas stimulated is the sole reason for the orgasm.


  1. Vaginal/G spot orgasm

Whilst the true existence of the G spot is still very much a talking point, many women would vouch for the fact that if a specific area inside their vagina is stimulated in a certain way, they can absolutely have an orgasm.
Try and locate your own G spot by inserting a finger roughly 2 inches inside your vagina then massage against the front wall (not the back wall closest to your anus).  If it feels good, then you’ve found it!


  1. Cervical orgasm

Pretty much what it says on the packet!
This type of orgasm is usually obtained when a penis or toy stimulates the cervix through deep penetrative sex.


  1. Nipple/breast orgasm

Quite simply when stimulating the breasts and nipples is enough to make you orgasm.
Read more about breast orgasms here.


  1. Multiple orgasm

Again, pretty self-explanatory.
Some women are able to experience more than one orgasm during sexual activity.
It is believed that women who are able to experience vaginal/G spot orgasms, are more likely to experience multiple orgasms.
A multiple orgasm can be serial (one after the other) or sequential (with a break in between).


  1. Sleepgasm

Whilst a sleepgasm is not something you can specifically plan for or aim to have, it can still be exciting if you do have one.
Sleepgasms can happen if you’re having a sexy dream or are simply super relaxed.


Note: the list above is not exhaustive.



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