How to have cool sex in hot weather

There is absolutely no doubt about it…

Summer 2018 will go down in history as an extremely hot one…for the UK!

As temperatures soar, Brits are desperately trying to find ways of keeping cool and staying hydrated, so sex is probably the last thing on a lot of people’s minds at the moment.

The idea of getting up close and personal and having a good old sweat out, certainly doesn’t appeal when you are already battling with the constant sweat beads racing down your face and neck. But what if I were to tell you that actually, there are ways of staying chilled whilst enjoying sex at the same time?

Would you believe me?

Well, walk with me (metaphorically), whilst I attempt to enlighten you…

Sex in the shower

Usually, a cold shower turns us off but in temperatures like these, sharing a cold shower could have an adverse effect.  Whilst you work up a sweat, the cold water will cool you both back down.
Perfect love making settings if you ask me!

Get kinky with ice cubes

Probably quite an obvious choice but hey, we like obvious!
Use the ice during foreplay to explore and tease.
The great thing is, you can be as adventurous as you like because it’s only water and the risk of infections or any other nasties, is at a minimum.
Go wild!

Marble (or any other cold) work surface

If you’re lucky enough to have marble in your kitchen or bathroom, getting busy on such a surface could be great fun.
Imagine, the natural coolness of marble or granite, together with the steaminess of a sex session?
You will experience the perfect temperature.

Cooling Lube or massage oil

Invest in a lube or oil that is designed to cool you down.
Apply liberally and get busy….slipping and sliding will just add to the excitement.


Trying any of the above could be fun but if you don’t want the faff, just ensure the room you are going to have sex in is decked out with fans, at least then you’ll know there will be cool air blowing from every direction!

And to be honest, if all else fails, air conditioning…

Either invest in your own or find somewhere that provides it for free but remember, sex in public places is effectively still illegal in the UK (although most officers would tur a blind eye unless they’re just jealous lol).



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