The chubbier the guy, the better the lover…apparently!

Fat men make better lovers!

Or….if we are being politically correct here, men with bigger bellies are better lovers…



Well according to recent research, settling with a chubbier guy can not only provide you with more affection, but they have great personalities, tend to spend more time with their partners, make you feel safer and quite possibly the cherry on the top of all this, last longer in the sack!

How do they do all of that you may wonder.

OK, let’s break it down a little bit.


Whilst some may prefer to ogle a man with bulging biceps and a six pack for a stomach, research tells us, women prefer to snuggle into a man with wobbly bits – it makes them feel more loved!

Great Personalities

Thicker guys tend to have higher self-esteem compared to those guys that spend every opportunity in the gym pumping iron.  Chubby guys tend to be confident in who they are and that shines through making them more warm, friendly, fun and easy to be around.

More time for their partner

This one is simple, the less time spent in the gym, health food shops, body building conventions or preening oneself in front of the mirror, the more time is available for that special someone.
Its basic math really lol


Most people automatically respect a big dude which in turn means you feel more secure in his company, plus no one is going to want to mess with him.

Longer sex

Research shows us men that are weightier tend to be considerate lovers and actually have more stamina.
Not entirely sure how that all works scientifically but this is what research tells us and for the sake of all the chubby guys, we’ll run with it!

So there you go, torn between chubby or ripped?  Perhaps the above may help to sway things a little.


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