Breast orgasms are real!

Most would presume, a woman could only orgasm through some sort of vaginal stimulation whether that’s penetration or the more popular; clitoral stimulation.


Breast orgasms are real!

Women can genuinely orgasm purely through their breasts being stimulated and nothing else.


Well, just like the clitoris, the nipples can swell to up to 25% of their usual size and as breast stimulation triggers the same part of the brain that clitoral stimulation would, a breast orgasm is definitely attainable.

It is important to note that just like with most sexual acts, a large part of your orgasmic success comes from your mental state.

You have to believe in the orgasm to achieve it.

How to…?

Experimentation is key here.

Some women enjoy a gentle stroke whilst others prefer more pressure and in some cases, the application of pain.

Start by touching your breasts and see what feels good to you.

Eventually stimulate the nipple and take it from there.

Once again, allow yourself to indulge mentally and remember all women are different – not every woman is able to have a breast orgasm so make the experimentation fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself!


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