Burn calories with these sex positions

It’s safe to say that obesity; a global epidemic is putting health services under serious pressure worldwide!
Governments are desperately trying to find ways of helping people shed a few pounds wherever possible  so if there’s a way to lose weight whilst having fun, then surely most people will be up for that…surely!

What about SEX?

Most people enjoy it so why not make it a thing?

As in….encourage people to have sex as a fun way of melting off any excess fat.

It is well documented that sex can burn calories thus resulting in possible weight loss so why aren’t we encouraging this?

Below you’ll find just a few of our favourite calorie burners.
Check them out and give them all a go if you’re brave enough but remember, we are not liable for any sex related injuries or situations that may occur lol

Be easy!


Everyone’s favourite go-to position!
Whilst this position is possibly the least adventurous, if done properly, men in particular could benefit in more ways than one.
The arms will get a good workout if you find yourself in a plank like position and if you opt to thrust with your pelvis as opposed to using your lower back, the impact on your core muscles will be similar to if you were doing ab crunches.
The squat

This position earns its name because quite literally, it will work every muscle a standard squat would for the person on top.
Ladies, imagine you are in the reverse cowgirl position but instead of resting your knees down flat on the bed, have your feet down flat instead and have your knees pointing upwards.  Once he is inside you, you can bounce up and down using arms (rested on his chest) and your legs.
Not only will this feel good but those calories will burn with ease!


The Bridge

This position requires a certain level of flexibility and is a full body workout for whoever assumes the bridge position during sex.

For women; arch your back and reach your hands over your head until you feel the bed or floor.  Then, arch your back keeping your feet flat on the bed or floor.  Keep your head raised (unlike the arch position).  Hold that position and allow him to enter you.
Practically every muscle from your arms to your glutes, are engaged here.

For men; similar to the position assumed by the woman, have your hands flat on the bed/floor more to the side of you as opposed to directly over your head.  Feet flat on the floor, body raised off the bed, taut.  You should look a little bit like a bed frame!
Once steady, she climbs on tops and rides away!
Again, every muscle is in use here so this position is absolutely NOT for the fragile!

Doggy Style

A position favoured by men but enjoyed equally by women.
To get the full calorie burn benefits from this position, men you could flip it up and stand on tip toes whilst entering her from the back – this is great for the legs.  But if you would prefer to be on the bed too, provided you do it properly, your hamstrings and quads will thank you for the stretch!
Ladies, keep your body balanced and engage the core muscles whilst in this position and if you feel like giving your arms and extra boost, instead of supporting yourself on the bed, position yourself against a wall and place your palms flat on the wall to hold yourself up thus working out your arms and shoulder further.




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