Ask Tinted Blu: Dry Orgasm

What is a dry orgasm?
In a nutshell, a dry orgasm is when someone with a penis orgasms but doesn’t ejaculate – there is no semen involved!

Why does this happen?
Whilst research into the whys and wherefores are still in the early stages, medication and lifestyle could have an affect but the most common presumption would be that most men experience a dry orgasm as a result of retrograde ejaculation.

What is retrograde ejaculation?
Retrograde ejaculation is when the semen travels backwards towards the bladder rather than up and out of the penis via the urethra and can come as a result of nerve damage around the bladder.

Most men do not require treatment for retrograde ejaculation but because it can have an effect on fertility, should a man want to have children, treatment may be required.

As always, should you have any concerns about your body or sexual health, have a chat with your GP.

Click this link for more information on retrograde ejaculation


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