Sex: a few things you ought to know…

Having sex?

About to have sex?

These are a few things you ought to know…

Sex is good for your health.

You’ll be pleased to hear that this is the absolute truth, it’s not just a line you may hear as a desperate attempt to get you in the sack!
Sex really is good for your all round health.
From boosting the immune system to lowering blood pressure and stress levels, there are a bunch of very valid reasons why you should be having and enjoying lots of sex.

Sex burns calories.

Yes it does! 3 to 4 calories per minute on average to be precise.
Great excuse to boost weight loss!

Smoking can kill a boner!

Studies have proven, that men that don’t smoke tend to have firmer erections than those that smoke even on occasions.

Kegels benefit both men and women.

Whilst most would naively believe Kegels are only beneficial to women (vaginal tightening during sex and being able to stop mid pee), Kegel exercises could help prevent or control premature ejaculation in men.
Guys, if you are not sure how to Kegel, just squeeze the muscles in between your ball bag and anus et voila!

Lubes can contribute to orgasms

It’s probably the wetness and extra slip that does the trick.
Don’t question it, just get involved!

Increased orgasms can lower risk of prostate cancer

Research shows, there could be a link between men that have more orgasms per month, are at a lower risk of prostate cancer than those that ejaculate less often.

Don’t expect an orgasm every time.

Although it is always the preferred outcome, it’s not a guarantee and that is completely normal (unless you keep going until you come).


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