Clear nose, better orgasm?!!

Well here’s a new one for the books…

Apparently blowing your nose before having sex could improve your chances of having a better orgasm!

Why I hear you scream?

First off, it has nothing to do with that age old myth that sneezing is like a mini orgasm or that if you sneeze 8 times in a row then you will have the most mind blowing orgasm right there and then, no!

The science behind this latest revelation is all to do with smell.

As most of us may know, sensual pheromones trigger a sexual response in humans so the idea here is, if your nose is bunged up, you could be missing out on a whiff full therefore clearing your airways before sex could leave you open to receiving all the nasal stimulation you need!

Interestingly, a study conducted at a Technical University in Germany discovered that women with a stronger sense of smell reported they were more likely to climax than those without.

So based on the above, people with colds and flu and even hay fever sufferers could struggle with achieving the orgasm they deserve.



Not really what we want to hear during hay fever season is it?

Ahhh well, it’s just another theory anyway and probably shouldn’t be taken literally.

My piece of advice would be to keep going until you reach your peak, blocked nose or not!

Jokes aside, one thing that is true, should you find you are struggling to climax, be sure to communicate if a partner is involved and don’t be scared to explore and experiment.

If you are still having trouble, have a word with your GP – that’s what they are there for and your sexual health shouldn’t be neglected.


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