Robot sex dolls available to buy within a year!

It was only a couple of months ago we all speculated over the prospect of having a Real Doll for women that is more than just a glorified vibrator, yet here we are in shock (most of us) that within a  year, sex robots can be expected to arrive in homes up and down the UK.

Dr Kate Devlin from Goldsmiths University in London whilst attending the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2018, claimed that hi tech sex robots will not only be popular with singles but will also be sought after by those with fetishes or individuals that have partners that simply can’t or won’t have sex with them.

Complete with Artificial Intelligence, these robots will be more than just a hunk of metal available to satisfy you sexually whenever you desire but they will be more companion like with the ability to talk to you as well as being able to remember your name and other facts including special dates like a birthday.

Whilst many may fear the introduction of these robots, I don’t doubt there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals counting down the days to when they believe they will have the pleasure of purchasing a new ‘mate’!

So I guess the question is; could you buy one of these robots or are you creeped out by the idea of ever owning one?

How about these robots putting an end to loneliness?

Good idea or bad?

Either way, this is absolutely happening….


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