Get sexy with chocolate this Easter

Yaaaay its Easter Sunday which for a lot of people means chocolate and lots of it!

Whilst it’s slightly immoral to link sex and chocolate to Easter Sunday what with all the religious connotations and all that, the reality is, sex and chocolate definitely work well together!

So if you find you’re at a loose end as to what to do with the excess amount of chocolate lying around, here are few sexy suggestions you can indulge in with your man or woman.

Chocolate kiss

Fill your mouth with chocolate then tongue your partner.
Simple, sexy and very chocolatey!

Feeding foreplay

Quite an obvious one but if you are a chocolate lover, possibly the most ideal and practical.
Simply feed your partner chocolate but use your imagination and get sexy with it.
Perhaps strip him or her first, lie them down and then get them to beg for the chocolate.
Tease them by forcing them to lick chocolate off your fingers or by making them eat chocolate off various parts of your body!
Imagination is necessary if you want to make this one exciting.

Chocolate massage

If you or your partner like having hot wax dripped on to them or being massaged with hot oils, this could be particularly satisfying.
Massage your partner while you warm up some chocolate until it’s runny and bearably hot.
When you are ready, drip the hot chocolate on to their back and then sensually lick it off.
Add a little twist by playing with their genitals or tweaking their nipples as you go!

Hide and chocolate seek

This one is easy!
Blindfold your partner then dab melted chocolate on various parts of your body.
Have your partner use only their mouth/tongue to navigate around your body, tasting the chocolate as they go.
Once they’ve licked off all the chocolate, swap places!

Use as a body lube

Sounds odd but works a treat!
First off, be sure to lay some old sheets down because they are likely to be ruined by all the chocolate then simply have sex and smother each other’s bodies with chocolate whilst you’re at it!
A chocolate syrup would work best from a spreadable perspective but if it’s steamy sex you are in to, any chocolate will work because all that body heat will melt chocolate in seconds!


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