Men, keep your erections happy!

For a lot of men, performance in the bedroom is essential to their male ego!

Whilst healthy eating and exercise has a massive impact on your overall sexual health, there are few conditions that are more common than you think.

Below are just 3 of the most common conditions that could affect your performance.


This condition is commonly known as impotence and affects the ability to get or maintain an erection to have sex.
Impotence is not something that should be ignored as it can be indicator of something more serious happening in your body.
As the penis needs blood to flow freely to sustain an erection, being unable to maintain one could be the sign of cardiac or vascular disease – no joke!
Great news though, erectile dysfunction can be treated with various drugs and lifestyle changes so it’s crucial you do not ignore it and go and see your doctor if you are having erectile problems.


Also known as Priapism.
Should you have an erection that lasts for more than 4 hours, you need to seek emergency help within 8 hours of the beginning of your erection in order to avoid any permanent damage to the penis.
Various factors can cause a prolonged erection such as the use of cocaine use certain medications.
In rare instances, Viagra can be a cause too!
Draining the blood from the penis surgically or undergoing surgery are two ways to treat a prolonged erection.


Premature ejaculation is one that occurs within 2 minutes of engaging in sexual activity.
As the most common sexual dysfunction in men under 40, a third of all men will experience this at some point in their lives.
Whilst there are not many treatments available for premature ejaculation, it is still worth having that conversation with your doctor as there may be something that could work for you.

As mentioned before, the key to maintaining in the bedroom is diet and exercise and if you smoke, attempt to stop as that too could be hindering your performance – easier said than done of course!

Overall, don’t be afraid to go for regular routine checks with your doctor to keep future health issues at bay and maintain those happy erections!


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