Give her the best oral sex ever!

If you are going to give a woman oral sex, first and foremost your heart has to be in it 100%!

There is absolutely no point in going down on her if you are afraid or worse still, not keen on the idea of doing so.

As with any sexual act, comfort and enjoyment is key!

Once you’ve decided you want to taste her, you are ready to explore and bestow orgasm after orgasm on her.

Here are just a few tips on how to give her the best:

  1. Make sure she’s comfortable. Make her feel good.  Make her feel sexy. Make her feel as though she is the only one that matters in that moment.
    Ensure she is in a position that works for her and you too!
    On her back with a pillow beneath her bum to lift her pelvis up is usually a winner.  This will allow her to be open and will also make it easy for you to get in!


  1. When you start, tease her!
    Going straight in for the kill with a hard licking and sucking action is not going to work.
    Take time and caress her gently with your tongue. Gentle kisses on the inner thigh and around her, could also work too.


  1. Listen to her body and the sounds she makes as you please her. Pay attention to things such as, when she arches her back, moans or judders.  These are all indicators.  Make it the best by knowing what is working the most.


  1. If you need assistance in the form of a vibrator or another sex toy, feel free to use (with her consent of course). The vibrations could add an extra angle and will also relieve some pressure on your tongue.


  1. When you feel that she is getting ready to blow, increase the pressure a little but not too much. Figure out whether she wants your tongue flicking side to side across her clit or up and down.  Jabbing and sucking too hard at this stage is probably not ideal for most.  You need to find what she responds to most and keep doing that until she climaxes!


FYI it is important to note that not every oral sex session will end in her coming.  Try not to get too caught up in that being the end goal and focus on giving her pleasure and enjoyment.

Key things to remember:

  • Women take longer to get comfortable
  • Not every woman enjoys oral sex
  • Some women take longer to come than others
  • NEVER act like what you are doing is a chore

Take note of all the above and you cannot go far wrong.

Happy Oral Sexing!





  1. All women and every vagina is completely different. As you say, different things work for different woman, and some don’t even like oral sex at all! If a man cares about a woman, he should WANT to give her pleasure. He should consider it his honour and NOT his duty. Trial and error is key. See what she’s into. She what she responds to. There are times to tease and be gentle, and times for more vigorous action. And, no matter how long she takes to get there, a gentleman will keep going until she does!


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