Do women prefer oral sex?

Having recently completed a poll on Instagram, it turns out the age old theory that women prefer oral sex to intercourse, is actually true….well based on our findings anyway.

The overall outcome of the poll showed most of the people that took part preferred intercourse with the majority of those selecting this option being men but, those that showed a preference towards oral sex, were all women, bar 2!

Past research and surveys also support the above findings and tell us that nearly half of all straight women prefer oral sex.

So the question is why?

What is it about oral sex that makes a go to choice for women?

There are plenty of reasons but the obvious and indeed most important has to be simply because of pleasure!

Most women claim that oral sex is more intimate, direct and overall more pleasurable then intercourse.

It is also a selfless act of providing pleasure and that alone can be a massive turn on for many women.

Statistics tell us, the majority of women orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation – oral sex can certainly give a woman that whereas penetration is usually followed up with or is accompanied by clitoral stimulation of some sort whether that’s with fingers or a sex toy.

Whilst the above is true of a large percentage of women, oral sex as a preference does not apply to every woman.

When engaging in sexual activity, conversation as well as mutual exploration will help you to discover what your woman wants and enjoys.

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  1. Interesting findings. Of a course a woman wants to feel loved and, if her man cares about her, he should WANT to give her pleasure. This is a man’s opportunity to show how much he appreciates his woman. A smart man knows: the more you give, the more you get.


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