Is Stormi, Tyga’s?

There is always a twist when it comes to the Kardashian’s and everything that is happening around them isn’t there?

Not even two weeks after Kylie Jenner has given birth to her first baby; Stormi, ex boyf Tyga has reared his head and is demanding a DNA test on the new baba!

He reckons there is every chance the baby could be his and not Kylie’s current squeeze; Travis Scott!

He alleges that he was still sleeping with Kylie 9 months ago.

Interestingly, when the pregnancy rumours first started to circulate, he claimed he was the dad but then went on to retract his statement shortly afterwards.

Looks like he’s changed his mind again and wants to be sure the baby isn’t his.

On paper it sounds like a sensible thing to do but given both their public track records, could this just be another stab in the dark for a bit of attention?

Maybe he has a new album on the horizon…

Let’s see how this one plays out!


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