Real Doll vs Real Men

Male sex robots with unstoppable bionic phalluses will go on sale this year

So here we are just about one month in to 2018 and already we are being promised the  RealDoll for women!

Yes, we have all quickly come to terms with the fact that there is actually going to be a sex doll for women and not just a glorified vibrator…a real life size sex doll!

As expected, in the wake of the imminent rush by many women to actually pre order these dolls, a professor from Harvard has claimed this is the beginning of the end for men!

Dramatic much?

Well, initially, most would probably raise an eyebrow and think; what in the hell is he on about, how can a bunch of metal with artificial intelligence genuinely out do a real human male?

Thinking about it further, this concern, may not beyond the realms of possibility.

OK, in my opinion, there will always be a need for real human men (in our lifetime at least) but imagine if it comes down to parents having a say in the matter for example…

Understandably, a mother and/or father would much prefer for their darling daughter to have a pre-programmed, customised robot designed by their fair hands rather than a human male that comes complete with baggage, issues and everything else, wouldn’t they?

It’s this way of thinking could be the start of the end for real men although, the idea that sick and twisted hackers could turn these sex robots in to killers would be a definite con!

Sounds a bit farfetched?

Well, it doesn’t get more farfetched than talking about rending human males, obsolete does it?

And for what it’s worth, I happen to subscribe to the idea that there would most definitely be individuals that would get off on having a robot carry out all their sick desires…

It is a possibility…

Just saying!

But anyway, let’s rein in the extreme science fiction brain ramblings and bring it back for a minute.

Could robots render real human penis void?

Probably not although it has to be said, one benefit of being able to create nearly perfect men would mean, real men would have to get their act together, pretty sharpish!


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