Harvey Nicks says; Great Men Go Down!

Looks like Harvey Nicks is in line for a rap on the knuckles following the unveiling of the latest signage for their menswear department.

The sign erected outside of the London store read; GREAT MEN GO DOWN!


Now, most of us would see this, maybe chuckle a little but not necessarily pay too much mind to it, right?

Well, one London based writer did NOT see the funny side of the sign, at all!

Rob McGibbon felt the sign was  degrading to men and to express his outrage, he tweeted a picture saying so…

Whilst one couldn’t be judged for feeling Rob may be acting a little over the top at something that was clearly meant to be taken as tongue-in-cheek, if you ponder it further, you may well see where he’s coming from.

Could Rob have a point?

Imagine if the sign read; GREAT WOMEN GO DOWN, there would most definitely be more of a hullabaloo about it.

Truth be told, Rob’s reaction throws up a lot of questions such as; is it OK to take cheap sexual shots at men whilst never at women and is it OK for us to live in a society that so blatantly lives with double standards and casual hypocrisy?

Most certainly, food for thought!



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