Stormzy x Maya x Vogue

Some could argue that it’s what fans of the UK music scene have been waiting for…

An interview with Stormzy and girlfriend Maya Jama!


Well, why not?

It’s been a minute since Stormzy became a staple part of UK music.

Thanks to massive tracks like; Big for your Boots and Shut Up, everyone from the well to do boys up in middle England, down to Prime Minister candidates such as Corbyn, know and love him.

And if you know him, then it’s highly likely you are familiar with his gorgeous girlfriend, upcoming TV and radio presenter; Maya.

The pair have recently given their first joint interview together, with Vogue!

If you fancy the read, expect to learn about how they met, who they are and how they live – a small insight into one of the fastest growing power couples in London.

Click this link to be redirected to the article.


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