Men, here’s how to improve your sexual performance.

At the beginning of every year, we tend to evaluate ways in which to better ourselves or do something to improve our overall health, whether that’s indulging in a new diet regime or joining the gym!

That way of thinking shouldn’t just be a new year’s thing and why limit it to general health – sexual health is just as important for men and women alike.

Men, this post is mostly for you (and for the ladies that want in on a few effective pointers).

Here a few ways you can look to improve your sexual health this month and for every month following.

Diet and exercise

Probably the most obvious but in the case of sexual health, eating certain foods can impact your performance.
Foods such as bananas, chilli, onions and garlic can all contribute to boosting your bedroom performance by lowering blood pressure, aid in blood circulation and reduce hypertension.
Having sex impacts the heart so keeping your heart healthy with at least 30 minutes of sweat breaking exercise a day will also help.

Minimise stress

Stress can increase your blood pressure as well as affect your heart health which in turn impacts your sexual performance.
Psychological issues can also affect you being able to get or maintain an erection.
Exercise is a great stress reliever but if the issues run deeper, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to those closest to you first before considering next steps if necessary.
A healthy body works best together with a healthy mind.

Masturbate, masturbate, masturbate!

Masturbation is not only personal pleasure time, but believe it or not, it can also help to increase longevity in the sack!
It is important to note, how you masturbate is key here… if you are hell bent on rubbing one out as quickly as possible, then that’s probably not helping you but if you take time and make the experience last, then this could be regarded as a form of training for when you are having intercourse.


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