Chlamydia: get tested!

With roughly 1 in12 young people (15-24 year olds) infected with Chlamydia and STIs such as gonorrhoea and syphilis on the increase in the over 24’s, now is as good a time as any to take responsibility for our sexual health.

If you are sexually active it is recommended that you do get tested for STIs every 12 months or, every time you change your partner – whichever comes first!

Chlamydia in particular often shows NO symptoms but if left untreated, can go on to cause serious health issues including infertility.

Great news if you are aged between 16-24, you can get yourself a free Chlamydia home testing kit.

A simple urine test will be discreetly sent to you and returns are also free.

Results are usually received within 5 days and should you test positive for Chlamydia, a course of antibiotics will be prescribed for you.

Visit CHECKURSELF for more info and to order your kit.

If you are over 24, visit your GP or a GUM clinic to get tested.

Some local pharmacies also offer a Chlamydia testing service.



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