Ask Tinted Blu: Anal Sex

There are many myths flying around about anal sex and whether it hurts, whether it causes damage and most concerning of all, the idea that no protection is needed when engaging in this activity.

First things first…safety!
Whilst anal sex poses no real threat of pregnancy, there is definitely a risk of transmitting STI’s.  In fact, there is an argument that the risk is greater due to the thin lining of the anus which could rip easier and allow any infection access to the blood stream.
Lube is crucial in preventing any tearing.

Secondly, you should only agree to anal sex if you are 100% comfortable with it.
DON’T feel pressurised!
Often many couples in heterosexual relationships chose to have anal sex as an exciting alternative to vaginal intercourse but do not believe the age old myth that anal sex will save your sex life!
There are many ways of spicing things up in the bedroom and whilst anal sex could be one way, it is not the only way!

Thirdly, anal sex is not dirty and doing so, will not leave you with a stretched out anus as also rumoured by stupid myths.
Just like a vagina, an anus will return to its usual shape and size provided it is looked after and respected.
Again, lots of lube, feeling relaxed and knowing your limits will result in healthy anal sex.


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