Lube it up!

Never used lube before?

Are you a woman that believes you don’t need lube because you get wet enough?

Are you a man that believes lube is for men that don’t know how to make her wet?

Or do you hold the opinion that lube is for porn or worse still, for older people because again, they can’t get wet?


If you believe any of the above, we feel for you, honestly we do!

Lube is quite literally, the icing on the cake when it comes to sex…the unsung hero even.

Yes lube does assist those that may have difficulty getting lubricated but it also works wonders for those that have no trouble at all.

Bearing in mind, lube comes in a variety of flavours and fragrances, here are a few ways that lube can be used to add a bit more slip to your sex life:

Intercourse: probably the most obvious use of lube but hey ho.
Lube can be applied directly to the body or to the condom itself.
During vaginal intercourse, lube can enhance the sensation but be mindful not to use too much otherwise it could become counterproductive and reduce that all important friction altogether.
For anal penetration, more lube may be needed as necessity.
The anal area cannot produce nearly enough lubricant as the vagina so a suitable lubricant can go a long way towards more comfortable and enjoyable anal sex.

Inside a condom: putting an end to that age old myth; condoms can reduce the sensation, putting lube inside a condom can enhance the sensation he feels during sex.

For oral sex: probably more effective when dishing out blow jobs!
Usually the lubricant comes in the form of spit and saliva from the givers mouth.
Lube can add a whole lot more wetness thus giving him a better feel and experience whilst reducing the stress on the jaw of the blower!
Win win!

Masturbation: masturbating with lube would again, enhance the feel especially if you opt for a minty version *wink*
For ladies, masturbating with lube would give a smoother feel and if you chose to use a vibrator, even better!
Imagine that slippery sensation combined with vibrations?
It’s a game changer!
For men, it’s pretty obvious, more lube, more wetness, more realistic, more exciting, more satisfying!

Massages: yep, lube doubles up as a sexy massage oil.
Great foreplay!

As mentioned before, there are tonnes of lube options so mix it up and find your favourites but remember, some created just for the body are not designed to be ingested and if you are using a lube with condoms, ensure you opt for a water based one as silicone based lubes can erode soft rubber which could potentially render a condom ineffective.


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