THE MEAT IS IN THE FREEZER | Extra Biscuits – the podcast ep. 16

    This episode, Sherryl is joined by two ‘savages’ and a model for just over an hour of unfiltered, raw and candid chat!

    Topics include:

    Can you ever bring it back from cheating and can it EVER be a mistake?

    Should women be submissive to their man – sexually and otherwise?

    Celibacy: could you opt to be celibate and what are the benefits?

    Can masturbation save you from cheating?

    Does porn reflect what you really want in life?

    It’s another painfully honest episode with a few cringe moments and a lot of laughs.

    Hit the play button to indulge and while you’re at it, feel free to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!

    As always, if you’re easily offended and/or judgmental, this podcast is NOT for you!

    Connect with Sherryl Blu here >>

    Connect with the Philippa Ann here >>

    [The savages can’t be reached *wink*]


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